Dark Persuasions is currently OPEN to submissions!

What we're looking for:  Works of dark fiction with a touch (or more) of spice. To be clear, we do not want hardcore smut; rather, we require original and intelligent plots, developed and relatable characters, skin-crawling horror, and the right amount of heat to bring it all together. Nothing is off-limits, as long as it is well-written and necessary to the story. We encourage stories that push the limits, again, as long as those limits are relevant to the overall story; we are open to stories that include (but are not limited to) LGBTQ characters/relationships, S&M, extremism (whether it be horror, violence, sex, etc.), interracial (both actual and fantastic) relationships, etc. Stories that include violence, torture porn, rape, child abuse, etc., strictly for shock value will not make the cut. Such topics are not an immediate reason for rejection, but as mentioned above, if used, there must be a legitimate, literary reason for them; they must propel the plot and characters forward and include some sort of resolution.

Who we're looking for:  New and established authors looking for something different in a publisher. We are an innovative and unique company; focused on quality, mentorship, and teamwork, we offer our authors a "home," a place where they can settle down and dedicate time to their craft. 

Formats/Guidelines:  Novellas, 20k-39k words

                                           Novels, 30k+ words

                                           Poetry: No word count limitations if included in a collection (either your own or a collaboration with other Dark Persuasions/Stitched Smile Publication authors).

Submissions:  Submissions should include a formal query letter, a short summary of your work, approximate word count, and your contact information (including name/pen name, phone number, address, email, and website, if applicable). Your manuscript should be well-manicured and clean; please do yourself (and us) a favor and have at least one qualified person (not your best friend) read through and edit/give feedback on  your manuscript. Send us your best. While spelling/grammatical errors, tense errors, plot holes, etc., aren't immediate reason for rejection, they will severely affect your chances for acceptance. Dark Persuasions, as a branch of Stitched Smile Publications, prides itself on the level of quality of its work; we always choose quality over quantity. We are most concerned with putting out the best work we possibly can, which means we want you to submit the best work you possibly can.

All submissions should be sent to Please include the title of your work in the subject line. Use the body of the email as your query letter (including a brief summary of the submission), and include your submission as a separate attachment. Please submit using a .rtf, .doc., or .docx format.

PLEASE NOTE:  All accepted submissions will be slotted for release in 2018/2019.

Who we are:  Dark Persuasions is a branch of Stitched Smile Publications, LLC., and specializes in dark fiction. SSP has been in business since January 2016 and has since published over 15 works of fiction by various authors. Our authors have been featured on Dread Central Magazine, several podcasts, and have numerous interviews with top bloggers in the industry.