The ‘80s brought us the horror genre’s golden period: the best films, directors, cheesiness, soundtracks, and the sexiest scream queens. We especially held the women of those films close to our hearts. Still do.

Featuring all-female contributors, stories in the
Man Behind the Mask anthology include ‘80s-style clichés: masked killers, peepers, perverts, toolbox killers, killer clowns, window-watchers, sister-touchers, geeks, cheerleaders, big-breasted women, men with big knives (to compensate for the size of something else), and, most importantly, heroines.

Features Briana Robertson's short story, "Bloodbath." All proceeds from Man Behind the Mask are going towards breast cancer research.

A gun, a razor, and some pills. Life-threatening panic attacks. A harmless bedroom accident. Predator turned prey.

The Reaper has arrived.

In this new anthology, Briana Robertson presents a selection of chilling tales where Death doesn’t discriminate, leaving readers in fear for their own mortality. Fatality lurks between every turn of the page, threatening all—from an innocent child left unobserved to the grim reaper herself.

Told exclusively from a female’s perspective, “Reaper” highlights the underlying, everyday terror of facing life’s end and bestows a grim reminder: Death comes for us all.

They start as whispers, or static, beckoning you to listen and to be heard. They are the voices that creep into your psyche and coil around your own thoughts until one day you can't tell the difference between which ones are yours and which ones aren't. What happens when the voices become too much? What happens when the voices become too real? Come explore what happens when the voices are unleashed.​

In this anthology released by Stitched Smile Publications, Briana Robertson's short story, "Cutting Lies" joins an array of tense and titillating tales, the inner voices of which will send chills down your spine. Get out of your own head and enter a world where everyone is "Unleashing the Voices Within."

From the darkest recesses of some of the horror world’s most chilling minds, Kevin J. Kennedy brings back together some of the authors that brought you Collected Christmas Horror Shorts, alongside several new authors, from upcoming indie stars to Amazon top sellers.

Whether you like Easter or not, you’ll certainly have a different view of it after you read the stories contained within these pages.

Grab an Easter egg, dim the lights, get cozy, and get ready for some chilling tales by some of the horror world’s finest.

Featuring Briana Robertson's short story, "Baby Blues."

If you love horror, Halloween is probably your favourite time of the year. Well… It’s ours, too.

A mixture of authors from Collected Christmas Horror Shorts and Collected Easter Horror Shorts have come back together, and invited a few friends, to make this Halloween an extra special one.

Lock your door, dim your lights, add some pumpkin spice to whatever you are drinking and light your jack-o’-lanterns. This will be a Halloween you will never forget.

Featuring Briana Robertson's short story, "Trick Turned Treat."


An all-star collection of authors have got together to bring you some of the scariest 100 word stories you will ever read. 

More details coming soon!