"This is not extreme horror ... This horror is subtle. So subtle that one doesn't even realize that one is terrified until the end of the story. That's where the terror truly lies. This is everyday, mundane nightmare fuel." -- Chuck Knight, Blue Phoenix Publishing

"Very well written ... Robertson's words pour off the page, spilling emotion-filled blood as they do ... Robertson {doesn't} rely on shock value .. to tell her stories. She uses well thought out words in well thought out order to convey her tales. Wonderful story telling." -- A.J. Brown, Author of "Dredged Out Memories"

"These stories are crafted in such a way that you are captivated from the get go." -- DSJM Reviews

"{Robertson} has captured all the subtle little irritating nuances and mommy moods very, very well. {This story} resonates with realism. I felt deeply for this mother ... So damn powerful, extremely well written, I want MORE from this impressive writer. I LOVED this!" -- Mandy Tyra, Roadie Notes