They start as whispers, or static, beckoning you to listen and to be heard. They are the voices that creep into your psyche and coil around your own thoughts until one day you can't tell the difference between which ones are yours and which ones aren't. What happens when the voices become too much? What happens when the voices become too real? Come explore what happens when the voices are unleashed.​

In this anthology released by Stitched Smile Publicatons, Briana Robertson's short story, "Cutting Lies" joins an array of tense and titillating tales, the inner voices of which will send chills down your spine. Get out of your own head and enter a world where everyone is "Unleashing the Voices Within."

A gun, a razor, and some pills. Life-threatening panic attacks. A harmless bedroom accident. Predator turned prey.

The Reaper has arrived.

In this new anthology, Briana Robertson presents a selection of chilling tales where Death doesn’t discriminate, leaving readers in fear for their own mortality. Fatality lurks between every turn of the page, threatening all—from an innocent child left unobserved to the grim reaper herself.

Told exclusively from a female’s perspective, “Reaper” highlights the underlying, everyday terror of facing life’s end and bestows a grim reminder: Death comes for us all.